Here Is Some Useful Tricks By Which You Can Get A Real Wealth.


Everybody is fond of wealth whether it is in the form of health or currency but I tell you the most important wealth that we should all crave for is your health. Do you want it too? Here is your genie telling you all the tricks of becoming wealthy…

Early to bed early to rise:


This is what we are being taught since our childhood.  It is our part of hobby until we are woken up by our mommy. Due to hectic schedule, burden of studies and assignment we somehow detach this habit of ours (Ah! Perks of being grown up) waking up early, feeling the nature outside, breathing in the fresh air and aroma of flowers are the favorite breakfast of your brain. It not only makes you creative but also it has a good impact on your mood swings.

Walk and Jog:

We walk a lot! Walking to a college, running to an office, jogging to a bus stand or just driving a car to our work place. I guess that is more than enough for a day, isn’t it? It is definitely not! All that running, walking and jogging is done when our mind is stuffed with many thoughts, worries, plans, and schedules. Walking is effective when your mind is free and empty. Take a time out from your busy schedule to nourish your mind. Go on a walk to a nearby park to relax.


Stretching is what your body needs. A few minutes break from the hacks of life is what your mind needs. One solution for both the problems, yoga. Be a yogi and start your day from basic yoga positions. I bet it will make your day amazing! Addition to its benefits yoga not only nourishes your soul but it also tones your body. So if you are busy enough not able to hit the gym, yoga just makes things right for you.

Add fruits to your diet:

Eating fruits or fruit salad a day is very economical. Do you want to know how? It makes your skin radiant, fresh, smooth and makes it looks younger. It also solves other health issues too. So by eating them, you will be saving time, money and efforts spent on makeups and doctors.

Pamper yourself:

Give yourself a treat by doing things which make you happy and contented. It could be anything such as gardening, reading, writing, play any instrument, singing, learning a new language or going on a trip. Stop being a workaholic by losing the inner talents. Explore yourself because your soul needs your attention. You can treat yourself to a massage after a long and tiring week. You, your body and your mind need a break. Your efficiency level enhances if you are less exhausted and satisfied.

So, the above are the simple yet useful tricks and tips to get you healthy. There is no use of wealth if you cannot enjoy it. Only healthy body and mind make the most of it. Remember, there is no replacement for health. Save it, save yourself! It is you who is your savior because God helps those who help themselves.